Dedicated to preserving and promoting Bluegrass Music in mid-America ........ The next"JPFOB First Friday Bluegrass Show" will be Friday, March 2, 2018 - music begins at 7:30 PM at the Kentucky Opry Kentucky Opry ........ Scheduled to perform: "The Cumberland River Plowboys" and "A Tribute to Kenneth Cope" ........ Our shows are always FREE (donations accepted) .......
..... March 2, 2018 "JPFOB First Friday Bluegrass Show" at the Kentucky Opry in Draffenville, KY ......
"The Cumberland River Plowboys"

"A Tribute to Kenneth Cope"

Photos from the February 2, 2018 "Marshall County Strong Bluegrass Benefit Show" (Click HERE to see photos)

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The Bluegrass Jamboree
The Bluegrass Jamboree

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World Wide Bluegrass

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